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We opened ZunZun Massage and Health Care on October 2010 in Sarasota Florida.

Our Service are tailored to everyone's individual needs. We feel very blessed in 

helping people with stress reduction, relaxation and pain management.

After 16 years of practice, we have developed a very caring and therapeutic 

environment for healing and restoration. Our massages are given with warm hands and a caring heart.











        Easy Exercises


 If you have Back problem right now, please try this exercise in your room.

This will be good for the first grader to elderly person who has back pain or sciatica.

Back Bridge →Do once a day

1. Lie down on your back

2. Bend both knees with your feet flat on the floor

3. Squeeze your butt and abs and raise your butt and hips for 2 seconds and keep it for 2 ~ 3 seconds

4. Lower down slowly in 2- 3 seconds

  Repeat 5 ~ 8 times while your body is warm 

  Your muscles around Pelvis will get stronger and protect your back






If you have Knee pain, please do this Knee squat on your bad side of knee. Strengthened thigh muscles help your knee.


                 Knee PAIN Squat   


                         5 ~ 8 times, stop it if you felt too much pain. 


           For Better Posture   -   Using Swimming Pool Noodle








   4 - 7 - 8  Breathing Exercise  ⇒                              

Oxygen shortage has negative effect on stamina as the muscles go stiff, tense and tired faster.                                                


You see?  All these exercises make strength of  your 

                                                                          Center of gravity ⇒   





When Arthritis is Not Really Arthritis  (from Health Wyze)

An entirely different therapy and a parasite cleanse are necessary for an unknown percentage of arthritis cases, because the "arthritis" is sometimes Lyme disease that has been misdiagnosed, or another parasitic condition. Nevertheless, some of the symptom treatments herein may be of use for pain. It is especially likely to be misdiagnosed Lyme disease in cases of juvenile arthritis, because this condition historically did not exist. Reference the report about Lyme disease, if you need a detailed Lyme disease treatment protocol.









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