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    Tammy Shope, LMT  

Hi! May I Introduce myself and Phill?

I am originally from Fukuoka, Japan. I lived in Hawaii for 13 years ( Oahu & Maui), 

worked with Waikiki major hotels and the Third Heaven Spa on Maui total 9 years 

as an independent contractor massage therapist, before we moved to here 

Sarasota Florida.

Learned Shiatsu in Japan, Hawaiian LomiLomi and another style of massages

and techniques in Hawaii and Florida.

Mostly I am doing our specialty ZunZun massage that is combination of Shiatsu 

and LomiLomi massage, plus Lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular 

therapy as needed.

I have hobbies like knitting,chrocheting, cooking since I was little. Soap, candle

and incense making and handmade personal care items are newer ones.

My friend and I are hoping to share this Joy to you with our pleasures.

I would thank my clients who came to see me or called to their home and room in 

past  years.

I am hoping to see each of you soon.

( Lic.Florida MA59620, Hawaii MT5966, Florida CNA194878)






     Phill Shope,  LMT

Phill was born in Dayton, Ohio. He first learned how to give massages in high 

school, as a student manager in the sports of football, basketball and track, at

Trotwood- Madison HS. He furthered his knowledge of the art of giving 

massages by books and videos while practicing on friends and loved ones.

He enjoyed giving and receiving massages so much that he and I decided we 

should have proper training.

We attended classes and graduated from Hawaii College of Health and 

Sciences. We both received our State of Hawaii LMT license in the year 2000.

Shortly after moving to Sarasota, Florida, we both became licensed in the State 

of Florida.

After we obtained our Florida license, we started our massage business 

ZunZun Massage & Health Care. Phill works both as a massage therapist and 

a Home Health Aide. Phill is a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner and Reiki


We do Couple's massage, usually I give a massage to husband and Phill gives one to wife.

( Lic. Florida MA66926, Hawaii MT6063)


Phill and I are looking forward to seeing you in the near future!







































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